Gladys Webster Hilston

The Babies Lois, Louise and the donkey, Betty

"Pa" Mark Webster Senior

Before Tractors - Who is doing the plowing?

It is Guy Beebe. He always wore a tie. The dark horse is named Tom. The white one is Maude.

Gladys'Harvey High School Graduation Picture

Guy Sylvester & Elizabeth Ann Beebe

Guy and Elizabeth Beebe - Married October 11, 1881
60th Wedding Anniversary October, 1941
Picture taken in the livingroom - Newell Street, Painesville City, Ohio

TOP ROW - (left to right) Dorthea (Dora) Beebe, (57) exwife of Edward Beebe, Bernice Webster (18), Ruth Beebe (36) wife of Forrest Beebe, Mark Webster,Sr. (51), Lois Webster (12), Louise Webster (12), Doris Beebe (10) daughter of Ruth & Forrest Beebe
MIDDLE ROW - (left to right) Ida Beebe (36), Raymond Beebe (34), Kathryn (Kate) Webster (29), John Hilston (28). Mark Webster,Jr. (21), Guy Webster (29), Philip Webster (26), Forrest Beebe (35)
BOTTOM ROW - (left to right) Martha (Bart) Webster (26),Gertrude Beebe (?) second wife of John Beebe, John Beebe(53) Guy Beebe (78), Elizabeth Ann Beebe (77), Mildred Beebe Webster (50), Edward Beebe (57) Gladys Webster Hilston (25) CHILDREN: (left to right) Laurel Webster (10 months), Michael Beebe (4) son of Ida and Raymond Beebe Nancy Webster (3), Marla Webster (3), John (Jack) Hilston (3) , Elizabeth Ann (Betty Ann) Hilston (10 months).

Ages as of October 1941