Four Generations - Grand Mumma, Mumma, Momma and Me

Mother's Day 1995

First Day
(My head is not as big as it looks)

One Month Old - And Very Cute As You Can See

Future Marching Bearcat (1995)

Let's Play Ball (seven months old - 1995)

Smile (eight months old - 1995)

Cousin Steven And Me (1995)

Here's Looking At You, Kid! (1995)

Here's looking At Me, Kid! (1996)

I Just Want To Play In The Other Room!! (1996)

I Love My Orange Screw Driver - I Carry It Everywhere (1996)

Perfect Day For A Quick Swing (1997)

Making a Mess ( This is not typical of me - 1997)

Getting Ready For Easter (1997)

Steven, Paapa, and Me (Webster Family Reunion - 1997)

Ohhh, The Water Is Too Cold (1997)

Ballet Costume (1998)

Having Fun At Sea World In Aurora, Ohio (1998)

Hey! How About A Little Privacy Here?? (1998)

Outdoor Fun (1998)

Learning To Just Dive In (1998)

Easter Time (1998)

Soccer Trophy (1999)

My First And Only Limosine Ride (1999)

Alex's First Day Home (1999)

Looking Pretty (1999)

First Time Off The Diving Board - A Milestone (1999)

Preschool Gradutation With Audry & Elizabeth (1999)

Ballerina Dress (1999)

We Make A Nice Couple (1999)

Easter Dress In Paapa's Backyard - Fairport Harbor (1999)

Playing With "My Twin" Doll (1999)

Mom, Alex, Dad & Me

Family Wedding

We Needed A Short Rest Break - We Were Dancing All Night Like A Bunch Of Crazy Kids.

Christmas Time

I Loved That Outfit Especially The boots.