Breakfast on the Terrace -- and more quickie questions

Gary should be wearing his "good" shirt like John's.

Believe it or not, we are YOUNGER than the Manigault home we just toured.

Gary, thanks for the red Buckeye caps -- with them on we made a splash in Charleston.

Three smartest people sharpening skills with beer and cards. Regardless of what Gary says, John won!

About 50 minute wait for table at the Plantation Grill

Finally a table -- and delicious food -- and more quickie questions -- and $7.50 for dessert

Our smiling event planner with the broken ankle

What is it in Charleston that makes her laugh so heartily?

Antiquers just before heading home

We know Marge is anticipating her date with Connor, but why is Gary smiling afer he lost at cards?

John is happy. Saved enough on Friday's hotel room to buy a DVD player.


Alex is a tall 4 year old

Paapa is going to be 89 years old in August

Alex and Paapa