Something is missing!

I can stand for hours in my stander.

Christmas Day 2004. Do I actually look goofy?

Christmas 2004.

New Year's Eve 2004.

Sometimes I think that Hannah likes me!.

Birthday 2005.

Birthday 2005

It's a good day even with out all my teeth.

I am bowling at Hannah's 10 Birthday Party.

Spending the day at the Beach Water Park: August 11, 2005.

The temperature is close to 100 degrees

LaComedia Dinner Theater in Springboro, Ohio
August 13, 2005, "Beauty and the Beast"

Obviously, Alex does not like his dessert

Characters from the play

How did this picture get in here?.

First Day of School
- First Grade -


Adventures for Wish Kids Holiday Party
Kings Islands - December 4, 2005

Other Children at the Party
Nick, Dani, and Emma

New Year's Day 2006
At Mummas

New Year's Eve Dinner & Bowling
with the Cengel, Marshall & Hilston Families