I'm Getting Ready For Therapy At My Favorite Restaurant

-- Meijer Lunch Counter --

Arriving For Therapy

Meet Miss Colleen - She is a Physical Therapist

Ouch!! Why Is She Twisting My Darn Leg?

This Is My Occupational Therapist, Miss Cathy

Miss Cathy Is Teaching Me To Do Things Like Writing, Drawing and Zipping My Coat

Notice Miss Vicky? She Is In The Master's Program At Xavier University, And She Is Helping Miss Cathy. Actually It Really Does Take Both Of Them To Keep Up With Me!!

Meet Miss Carrie - She Gives Me Aquatic Therapy
I Call It My "Swimming Lessons."

It Was Over Two Years Ago That Miss Carrie Taught Me How To Drive My Power Chair At The Perlman Center In Cincinnati.

I Can Walk By Myself In The Water!!!