Alexander at Birth

On January 11, 1999, Alex was born at 1:00pm, weighing 10 pounds, 2 ounces and 21 inches long, The adorable son of Tom and Julie Marshall, he joined two sisters, Rachel who was 12 and Hannah who was 4. The ecstatic grandparents are John and Rosemary Hilston and Fred and Deanna Carroll -- all persons of great intellect, noble curiosity, and outstanding character.

My First Day Home - Actually, I Don't Recall All The Details.

Alexander at Three Months

Alex was baptized on March 14, 1999. He was a personable, well-behaved baby for his Godparents, Mark and Debby Mason. A dinner was held in celebration of the event. Alex has gained weight at a steady (fast) pace and is at the 150th percentile for both his weight and height. Did we mention that his parents and grandparents have passed along their genes for height as well as for great intellect and character?

Alexander at Six Months

Alex is still growing. He can sit up by himself, and is a very content and happy fellow - possesing great intellect and character, of course!

One Happy Dude!

Man, Am I Ever Bored! Sitting Around - Nothing To Do. Guess I Will Just Smile A Bit.

New Permobil

Here I Am, Just Learning To Drive My New Power Chair

Momma, Alex, Hannah, And Dad At A Family Wedding

That Guy Again With Rosemary -- Also At A Family Wedding

Here I am with Hannah having a really good time at the wedding!!

My First Summer

Do You Remember How The Grass Tickles? I Think I Need A Blanket.

This Is An Interesting Picture

This Is A Good Picture Of My Sisters
Don't You Think That They Make Me Look Handsome?

Sister Hannah & Me

Hannah Better Not Make Me Angry!!

Hey, Stop With The Pictures And Let's Eat!

Everyone Can Use A Little Loving Every Now And Then!

Happy Father & Son