It Isn't Always Easy

Hey, I'm Holding My Head Up And That's No Easy Feat -
Look At All Those Gifts

I Rolled Underneath The Christmas Tree For A Little Nap

Christmas Morning - My New Jeff Gordon Outfit

Playing Air Hockey With Hannah On Christmas Morning

This Is Griffin And Me At The LECC Thanksgiving Feast

Thanksgiving At Deer Creek State Lodge


Once again this year (2003), Alex's dad created an outstanding cardboard Fire Truck for Alex, and a great looking Sponge Bob Square Pants costume for Hannah. In fact, Hannah won first prize at a Halloween roller skating party.

With Hannah At Garden Manor

You know, sometimes it's a little scary at night!!!

Here I Am Trying Out My Cousin Courtney's Go-Cart

This Race Car Is More Like It!

Hey,It's My Turn to Race

I love to watch racing of any kind, but especially NASCAR and go-carts.

On My Way To See "Peter Pan"

Here are my sisters Hannah and Rachel, and my Grandmother, Mumma.

At Paapa's 89 Birthday Party August 14th, 2003

Sister Hannah, first cousin Steven and me pretending that we are angry.

My 89 Year Old Great Grandfather, Paapa

Having Fun On A Hot Day At The Family Reunion on July 3rd.

Driving A Cool Car At Cedar Point Amusement Park

Back At School Again With My Friends